Waste Categories For Your Skip Bin

The list below details most of the things that you can and cannot put in your skip bin. If you have items that you need removed that you think may be disallowed, please contact us to check before booking your skip.

1. General Waste

White goods, boxes, furniture, toys, clothes, tools, ornaments, “bric a brac”, cabinets, plastic, steel, household items.

2. Green Waste

Green Waste Only (Soil is not considered green waste)

3. Builders Waste

Renovations materials, plaster, tiles, carpet, rubble.

4. Mixed Heavy Waste

Bricks, Rocks, Concrete, Sand, Soil.

5. Straight Heavy Waste

Straight Heavy Waste is essentially one specific material, or a combination listed below.

**Soil Only

**Concrete Only

**Combination of Bricks & Concrete


The majority of things you are disposing of are internal household items such as; white goods, furniture, boxes, electronics, ornaments, etc, etc…  These items are considered to be GENERAL WASTE items.

However if you also want to dispose of some old renovation materials, such as; plaster, tiles or carpet, then it is considered BUILDERS WASTE bin.

You are doing a site clean and are disposing of plaster, insulation, and timber off-cuts, (Builder’s Waste).

However you want to get rid of a couple of broken bricks and a few chunks of concrete, then it is considered a MIXED HEAVY WASTE bin.

Please Note Regarding Waste Category Choice:

Skip Bins Plus shall not incur additional costs when a client breaks their obligation and places items in the bin not in accordance with the Waste Category specified.

If a bin has had waste placed in it that is not in accordance with the waste category specified on placement of the order Skip Bins Plus shall demand additional monies in accordance with the Waste Category type, and / or remove such waste, as it sees fit.

If you have any items to dispose of in the higher waste category then you are considered to be getting the higher waste category bin.


Things that can't go in a skip binNot allowed

Putrescible waste (food waste etc), ASBETOS, Hazardous waste, Liquids and oils. Paint (dry paint is okay), Chemicals, Gas bottles, Empty chemical containers, Tree trunks.