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We provide skip bin hire 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday.  You can rely on us for competitive pricing and hassle-free delivery and pick up.  To get a quote or book a bin, give us a call on 0434 286 307 or use the booking form below.

Want someone to remove your rubbish for you?  Our Load & Go Rubbish Removal service is for you.  Find out more about our Melbourne rubbish removal service here >>

When you need to hire a skip bin, make Skip Bins Plus your first call! We’re looking forward to helping you with your clean-up.

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Skip Bin Hire in Melton

Skip Bin Hire in Melton

2m³ Mini Skip Bins2024-02-13T16:04:26+11:00

The 2m³ skip is ideal for smaller clean ups and residential property clearance.

  • Capacity: 2 cubic meters – 8 wheelie bins or 2 regular box trailers
  • Maximum Weight: 300kg (for General Waste category)
  • Bin dimensions: 1.9m long x 1.6m wide x .90m high

2m³ Mini Skip Bin Size Comparison

3m³ Mini Skip Bins2024-02-13T16:04:31+11:00

The 3m³ skip is ideal for residential clean ups and smaller commercial clean ups

  • Capacity: 3 cubic meters – equivalent to 12 wheelie bins or 3 regular box trailers
  • Maximum Weight: 450kg (for General Waste category)
  • Bin dimensions: 2.5m long x 1.6m wide x .95m high

3m³ Mini Skip Bin Size Comparison

4m³ Mini Skip Bins2024-02-13T16:04:36+11:00

The 4m³ skip is ideal for small construction sites and renovations or larger scale property clearance

  • Capacity: 4 cubic meters – equivalent to 16 wheelie bins or 4 regular box trailers
  • Maximum Weight: 600kg (for General Waste category)
  • Bin dimensions: 3.3m long x 1.6m wide x .95m high

4m³ Mini Skip Bin Size Comparison

6m³ Mini Skip Bins2024-02-13T16:04:46+11:00

The 6m³ skip is ideal for construction sites and renovations or larger scale property clearance

  • Capacity: 6 cubic meters – equivalent to 24 wheelie bins or 6 regular box trailers
  • Maximum Weight: 900kg (for General Waste category)
  • Bin dimensions: 3.7m long x 1.6m wide x 1.3m high

6m³ Mini Skip Bin Size Comparison

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What can I put in my skip bin?


General waste

Household waste, boxes, wood, white goods, appliances, cabinets, furniture, carpet, rugs, clothes, toys etc.

Heavy waste

Waste from section clearance, building materials, bricks, concrete, soil, clay, rocks.

Green waste

Organic waste, branches, grass clippings, woodchips, bark, wood, fence palings.

Clean fill

Dirt, soil and sand.

Not allowed

Putrescible waste (food waste etc)


Hazardous waste

Insulation material of any kind

Liquids and oils

Paint – dry paints in cans are okay


Gas bottles

Empty chemical containers

Tree trunks

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